Example : Camera 4ch + Lidar 3ch + CAN 4ch

CANLAB Solution Global company solution
Configuration & Packaging



Chassis 1EA + Controller 1EA + GMSL Interface 1EA (For Camera) + 2-Port PXI CAN Interface module 2EA (For CAN)

Triggering Feature Supported No
Time Synchronization

2 Method

1) Hardware sync - Support zero cab Camera boot-up

2) Software sync - Global time synchronization for time stamp80

Time stamp
Cost Medium High
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 60° (except SSD memory) 0 ~ 50°
Expandability High
To expand, just expand the Recorder module.
Limited by Chassis
Convenience of data movement Removable SSD support Difficult to attach and remove SSD
Labview Supported Supported
Data format JPEG or Cutommized AVI format, ADTF EG, ADTF, TDMS


  • 01

    (Triggering Data Collecting System)

    • Build up customized GUI and feature
    • Customized customers sensor interface board
    • Technical support for building the data collecting system
  • 02

    Triggering Event Detection

    • Detect triggering Event by Vison and Radar & Lidar
    • Triggering Event Define consulting
    • Technical support for Triggering algorithm
  • 03

    Data amplification

    • Extension of SCENE and Scenario through data argumentation
      and transfer learning
    • Scene reconfiguration support by AI
  • 04

    Auto data Management
    (Auto annotation/Labeling)

    • Auto annotation
    • Auto labeling for Scenario