• 1

    Courageous decisions
    and actions for success

    As you walk along the street, there are various crossroads you meet. At the end of it, you can relax in a beautiful scenery and sometimes get into countless difficulties. However, you will only see positive or negative results if you overcome your fear of consequences and move forward. Even if we face difficult results, we do not give up, so the consequences of negation will also be a great asset to us. As a result, a courageous decision will bring great success to Canlab, a result of overcoming difficulties or a lesson, regardless of "positive results" or "negative results".

  • 2

    Everyone around me
    is a good teacher for us

    We can't always be right.
    Also, it may not be all we know.
    So we always need an attitude to learn. We always have good teachers by our side.
    We can learn the good and the bad from them.
    Good things are good and bad things have to be learned in the opposite evolutive direction.
    If you always want to learn with an open mind, we and Canlab will be able to reach a higher place.

  • 3

    Rights and Responsibilities

    With rights come responsibilities.
    We often forget to speak of responsibilities followed by rights.
    When the responsibility is fulfilled, the right will be given, and when the right is given, the responsibility will follow.In our Canlab culture, everyone should acquire rights through responsibility.
    If you want to enjoy your rights without liability, you can't be with us.

  • 4

    Gratitude for the natural

    We are so close that there are things we take for granted.
    A family that always supports you by your side.
    Colleagues walking down together.
    Customers who trust and seek us out.
    Gratitude for things that we forget and take for granted because we are so close.
    It is necessary to realize the preciousness of this naturalness and always express gratitude sincerely.
    Such a heart will make us more united and make us or ourselves a more valuable person or organization in the community.

  • 5

    Active challenges based on autonomy

    No one can make our lives and the company life of Canlab for us.
    It is up to us to decide our destiny.
    Based on the autonomy of CanLab and the fate facing each of us, we must actively and challengingly take on all situations and problems.
    This posture will give us the power to control our direction and speed.

  • 6

    Make your own history through records

    It is said that when people die, they leave their names, and when tigers die, they leave behind their skins. The only way to leave your name in the company is to record it. For a company to develop with continuity, the best way is to record constantly.
    By recording and leaving behind all the results of the process, I hope that you will leave the history of the company, and also leave personal history in the history of the company. The company will remember you.