Vision Manufacturing & Verification Equipment

Artificial Lighting System
(Booth Type & Studio Type)

It is a device that artificially realizes the structure of international standards based on ISO 12233, ISO 14524, and ISO 15739 and the standard light source presented by the International Commission on Illumination, enabling quantitative and emotional evaluation of the image quality characteristics of the camera.

Custom-Based Chart
(Reflective Type & Transparent Type)

Use off-the-shelf or customized products, either reflective or transmissive, to properly apply to quantitative & emotional evaluations and analysis & tuning items.

Camera Based ADAS Algorithm
Evaluation & Analysis Equipment
(HBA, TSR Etc.)

Equipment that calibrates and verifies the accuracy of the HBA algorithm of camera-based ADAS that adjusts the upward and downward movement of the headlights using light information received through the camera.

Reliability &
Durability Test Equipment
(Climatic, Environmental, Mechanical)

Equipment that can simultaneously validate and simulate reliability for the environments required by your vehicle.