Automotive Vision Camera

Driver Monitoring System(DMS)

Most highway accidents are caused by fatigue and negligence. Recently, more and more countries around the world are obliged to install a system that checks the driver's monitoring in a vehicle. The Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is a camera-based safety system that monitors the driver's behavior and warns them by outputting an audio alarm or displaying a warning light on the dashboard in case of drowsiness or carelessness. It also utilizes IR LED to help recognize dangerous micro-sleep that can affect drivers in dark environments.

DMS Features

  • Drowsiness detection : Detects when a driver is drowsy, such as
    closing his/her eyes, and sounds a warning (alarm).
  • Driver detection : Stores driver ID to identify when the driver is on board
  • Yawning : Detects driver's yawning
  • Inattention detection : Detects situations where the driver is not
    concentrating on driving, such as neglecting to look ahead, smoking, etc.

DMS CAMERA Information

  • Ultra-small size for beautiful vehicle installation.
  • Support global shutter
  • 840/940 nm IR camera
  • Support flexible camera position
  • Available for various camera types

DMS CAMERA Specification

  • Sensor : Onsemi AR0144
  • Dimensin : 63.3x60x36.9 (mm)
  • Resolution : 1280x800
  • Frame Rate : 30fps
  • HFov : 44.8°
  • Interface : POC type
  • Optical Format : 1/4 inch

Windshield Mono Camera

Sensing cameras for forward surveillance that are mounted on top of the windshield (windshield) inside a car.

Windshield Mono Camera Information

  • Acquire Surveillance Images of the Front of a Car
  • Counteracting glare effects from automobile windshields
  • Transmittance response to windshield tint (windshield tinting)
  • Refractive index response to windshield curvature

Windshield Mono Camera Specification

  • Sensor : Sony IMX390
  • Dimensin : 86x59.7x28.5 (mm)
  • Resolution : 1920x1080
  • Frame Rate : 30fps
  • HFov : 56°
  • Interface : POC type
  • Optical Format : 1/2.7 inch